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Sterling Shutters

The sterling shutter is manufactured from a solid basswood which ensures superior quality and durability while offering absolute class and style!


Room with carpets and white sterling shutters

Sterling Shutters

Our solid wood sterling shutters display an entire class of elegance along with a soft, warm feel of ambience and tranquillity. This shutter transforms any opening into a work of art. The sterling shutter is manufactured from solid basswood, ensuring superior durability and an excellent surface finish.

Basswood growth rings tend to be subtle, and the colour is mostly uniform throughout the surface texture of the wood. Basswood is a very light wood and therefore easy to work with, thus being perfectly suitable for large shutter panels.

Shaped Shutters Available:

  • Oval
  • Arch
  • Hexagon
  • Octagon
  • Quarter Circle
  • Triangle
  • Circle

Features and Options

  • Lightweight and durable

  • Custom colours and shapes

  • Not easily affected by heat

  • 3 louvre sizes – 63mm, 89mm & 114mm

  • 3 year warranty

Window with opened white sterling shutters

Sterling Shutters

Our Sterling Shutters are made of basswood, making them top-quality and top of the range; they are indeed in a class of their own.

Sterling shutters in a living room

Advantages of Basswood

  • Highest strength to weight ratio, making it very light yet very strong
  • Excellent stability
  • Known as the golden material for making shutters.

Sterling Shutters

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Sterling shutters are lightweight and durable yet offers a classy look and feel to any area of your home.

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