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Security Shutters

Our security shutters are not only aesthetically designed to add beauty, style and elegance to your home, they provide you with a complete peace of mind and offer total security to your home and for your family.


Security Shutters: Secure your home, beautifully

Our security shutters are a perfect all in one product.

They combine beauty and elegance with strength and security – giving you peace of mind and making your home beautiful.

These shutters are excellent window and deck shutters and can also be used in doorways or to divide up a large office or living space.

QC Shutters security shutters are aesthetically designed to add style to your home and offer total security to your home and family.

Security Features

  • Secure fixings

  • Lock-in pins with an easy locking key

  • Thick louvre extrusions

  • Eliminates the need for standard bars and gates

  • Rustproof

Security Shutters

Our security shutters are a perfect all in one product and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Strength and Style - Security Shutters

Added Protection

QC Shutters security shutters are durable and made with the utmost care. Thick louvre extrusions are added for extra protection.

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Quality Guaranteed

We offer a 10-year guarantee for all installed security shutters, underlining our promise of quality and trust in our product.

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Suitable Everywhere

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use - our security shutters offer protection, light control and long-term quality, no matter where you install it.

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Weather Resistant

Our world-class shutters are waterproof and are suitable for all weather conditions.

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Stackable Security

Components fit neatly within the frame, reducing the risk of tampering, and providing unobstructed views.

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Security Shutters

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Our shutters are not just easy on the eyes, but also built for strength and durability, have a look for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions

Yes, shutters often act as an elegant and attractive security system. They provide an extra level of safety and protection thanks to in-built strengthening features. These security features often include louvre extensions and a steel bar as internal reinforcement. Security shutters can also be locked with a key and decrease visibility to the inside of your home.

The price of security shutters depends on the quality of the product you are planning to choose, custom features, requirements for installation, the surface area, and many other considerations. Contact QC Shutters for a custom quote today.

Very few security options are completely burglar-proof, but window security shutters certainly add an extra level of protection to your home. This is a welcome addition to any South African home - it also eliminates the need for burglar bars.

Yes, they can also be used as doorway and patio shutters or divide an office or home space.

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