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Established in 2006, QC Shutters offers a comprehensive selection of custom shutters and blinds designed and manufactured to the highest standards and tailored to suit your individual needs.  

With more than 1O years of experience in importing quality shutters direct from the manufacturer and several professionally trained installation teams, we provide a full-service solution from selection, sale, and supply, all the way to installing your new shutters and blinds in your home with as minor inconvenience to you as possible.  

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the quality of the shutters we supply. 

From personal consultations on the best product for your environment to supervised installation and an artistry and materials warranty, we do everything to provide exceptional ongoing service to all our clients. 

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Why Shutters Are the Most Versatile Window Dressing

Streamlined security

Shutters are incredibly versatile, as they provide an elegant, clean look that also ensures security in your home. Your windows are safely secured in the most attractive way possible, and your family is safe and sound.

An eye for details

Window shutters are not for everyone, but they can help you create a specific look and feel in your home. Shutters are versatile and unmistakably elegant, making them a beautiful addition to most homes.

Proven protection

Our security shutters offer excellent added protection to your home. You can lock your security shutters from the inside, making your home the safest place to be. You can achieve all this and still keep your home looking classy and beautiful - no bars in sight.

Sleek sophistication

Do you want to add an air of sophistication to your home? Do you want to feel like you're stepping into a beautiful, safe oasis when you arrive home? QC Shutters have the perfect solution to all your shutter needs!

A comprehensive selection of custom shutters and blinds

All of our installers are qualified and experienced carpenters

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Our Specialisation

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the quality of the shutters we supply. From personal consultations on the best product for your environment, to supervised installations, and a workmanship and materials warranty, we do everything we can to provide exceptional on-going service to all our clients at all times.

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With years of experience in the shutters and blinds industry, QC Shutters specialises in the supply, sale and installation of a wide range of stylish shutters and superior blinds.











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Shutters FAQ

People use shutters for various reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, providing privacy and security, protecting against weather damage or unwanted intrusion, and enhancing the aesthetics of a building. 

Whilst shutters might, in some instances, be the more expensive option, their versatility means they provide better value than curtains or blinds. If privacy, light control, efficiency and durability are essential to you, there is no better window dressing option. 

If you want to add a range of shutters to your home or business, contact QC Shutters for a quotation. 

Of course, if you'd like to discuss your requirements or have any burning questions, we invite you to contact QC shutters. 

Direct quotation is better, depending on the size, custom features, installation requirements, scaffolding requirements, accessories, logistics, material, and method of operation. 

  • Shutters give better light control than curtains. 
  • They have a classic and timeless design. 
  • Shutters are easy to clean and keep clean.  
  • They complement your colour scheme.  
  • Shutters add value to your home.  
  • They help provide peace. 
  • Solid Shutters that last. 

We use security shutters made from 100% architectural grade powder-coated aluminium (recyclable). 

They are manufactured from aluminium and have adjustable louvres.

Today, shutters are used extensively worldwide for functional and aesthetic purposes. Do all houses need shutters? Absolutely not, and many, many homes would look much better without shutters than with "today's" shutters. 

Easy-to-use, energy-efficient and stylish, it is fair to say that window blinds and shutters are the way to go. They increase security, increase privacy, boost energy efficiency, reduce costs, block out light, minimise external noise, are durable and can increase the property value of your home.

Yes – Shutters can be fitted to almost any window and door using several frame configurations, although there are two main approaches for this solution – either inside or outside the window recess. Shutters are custom made to measure for your windows.  

More often than not, window shutters will be more expensive than blinds, primarily due to the cost of the materials. 

Since our shutters are custom-made, we'll install them for you so they'll fit your window perfectly. But they might not be as expensive as you think, and there's only one way to find out - get a quote to compare our excellent quality shutters and blinds today. 

We would not recommend painting Aluminium Shutters. 

Whether you're looking to increase the value of your home or save on energy costs, QC shutters have something to offer. Overall, Security shutters are worth the investment, and QC shutters are a quality window treatment and have several advantages over other options.

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